This Animal Crossing Take on the Magic Kingdom Will Make Disney Fans Misty-Eyed

Diehard Disney fans really seem to be missing the happiest place on Earth, at the moment. The coronavirus pandemic has forced most of Disney's theme parks to close for the foreseeable future, but Nintendo Switch owners have taken the opportunity to create some awesome tributes for other players to visit in the meantime in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One player recently created an awesome take on The Haunted Mansion, but another Disney fan has built an impressive take on the whole Magic Kingdom itself! Created by Twitter user Melon of Magic Kingdom, it's a must-see for anyone out there currently missing Disney World!

There are some really clever work-around's in Melon's Magic Kingdom island. Since Animal Crossing doesn't allow players to create much in terms of buildings, Melon had to get creative. When players arrive on the island, they find what looks like the arrival gates at the theme park. Instead, it's the island's museum, but the user has added elements around it to evoke the gates. Melon has also substituted their house for Cinderella's Castle, giving it a blue roof, a custom door, and a pair of inclines. Other homes on the island have been made to evoke Splash Mountain and The Haunted Mansion. The creator even used car beds as the vehicles found in Tomorrowland Speedway.

Of course, one of the park's most beloved rides can actually be acquired in the game. A Teacup Ride can be purchased in exchange for 5,000 Nook Miles tickets. However, a lot of the other things in Melon's build require Nook Miles tickets, so earning all of those probably required just as much work as creating some of the island's designs from scratch!

Players interested in visiting Melon's take on the Magic Kingdom can inquire by sending them a message on Twitter. It might not be quite as magical as the real thing, but it's yet another example of the passion and creativity shared by fans of Animal Crossing and Disney alike.

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