Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Remakes Disney's Haunted Mansion

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have found some crazy ways to customize their villages. Players can visit islands based on Johto from Pokemon Gold and Silver, discover a plethora of places dedicated to Guy Fieri, and more. The sky truly is the limit for the Nintendo Switch title, and just over a month after the game's release, it seems like players are just scratching the surface. The latest amazing example is a deserted island based on Disney's classic Haunted Mansion attraction. Twitter user Weary Bones shared his take on the beloved theme park ride, and it's definitely something that fans have to see for themselves!

The Haunted Mansion is easily one of the most popular attractions in Disney World and Disneyland, so it's hardly surprising to see it replicated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Still, it's an incredibly impressive feat, considering everything that Weary Bones was able to recreate. From the graveyard surrounding the walk-up to the Mansion's entrance, to the custom wallpaper, and the many details in Madam Leota's area, there's an immense attention to detail. Weary Bones even set the video showcasing his island to music from the ride. It definitely fits!

Of course, with Disney World and Disneyland both currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, visiting Weary Bones' island just might be the closest that players can come to seeing the Haunted Mansion, at the moment. In fact, the area was undergoing repairs in Disneyland before the pandemic's start, so Haunted Mansion fans will likely still have a bit of a wait even when that park does reopen.

While it's always been interesting to see just what Animal Crossing players have recreated in the games, right now, it says a lot about what people care about, and what they miss. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has given players a way to bond over these things, and it's no surprise that the title has done so well for Nintendo over the last few weeks.

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