Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons Closed Nook's Cranny

The world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is constantly changing as more players join, create, and share their work across the games seemingly infinite islands, but some players faced a major issue in the lead up to the Nature Day festivities when they found out that Nook's Cranny was closed. Unable to purchase items from Timmy and Tommy's shop, many players found out it would be unavailable for a temporary time period much like other buildings have been shutdown. But fret not, Animal Crossing players, because Nook's Cranny will be opened once again and we have an idea how to make it happen. Read on if you're dying to find out!

As things sometimes do in New Horizons, Nook’s Cranny closed its doors for a large group of players this week. Seeing how New Horizons operates on real-world clocks, this means that those players who’ve been playing since the game’s release and have been checking in daily would now be up to the same point in the game’s schedule. So for the day-one New Horizons players – or those who started playing within the same week – Nook’s Cranny will be closed for a short time.

But the closure looks like it’ll be worth it. Things being closed or worked on in New Horizons always means that they’re about to come out looking better than before once the renovations are done, and the same is true for Nook’s Cranny. The building’s been closed this week for so many because of some upgrades coming through to spruce up the place and give players a chance to browse through a better inventory of items.

Exact requirements to trigger upgrades and events in New Horizons aren’t always for certain, but it appears this event will happen after 30 days have passed in-game and players have passed a certain number of Bells through Nook’s Cranny.


The results of the renovations have been shared online by players who’ve already had their buildings upgraded.

You could always time-travel ahead to finish the renovations, but since it’s only going to take one day, it’s not really worth the effort. Besides, there are all kinds of other features to keep you busy throughout the day while you wait on Nook’s Cranny to open. Redd has arrived to sell players some artwork which may or may not be real, and Leif is ready to buy some weeds and give players shrubs and other plants in return.