Is Apex Legends About to Kill Off Another Character?

Could Apex Legends be prepping players for another character’s death as we move closer to a showdown between Revenant and Loba? That’s the question the community has been asking in a half-joking, half-serious way ever since Loba was confirmed to be the new Legend joining the Apex Games in Season 5. The connection between the two characters dates back to before Loba was ever even teased, let alone revealed, and if anyone were to try and kill off another character that’s already in Apex Legends, it’d be Loba. But would Respawn Entertainment pull something like that again and off a character players were expecting (or one they’re already familiar with), and could Loba even kill Revenant if she got the chance?

The answer to all these questions is always “perhaps” until Respawn officially reveals its plans for Season 5, plans that will hopefully become apparent Tuesday when we get the launch trailer for the next season. Players can and have been theorizing about what may happen when Revenant and Loba inevitably clash, and based on what we’ve seen so far pertaining to the pair’s relationship, we can try and guess what the outcome will be.

Revenant’s Backstory

To understand Revenant’s role in this, we first have to go back to the Season 4 cinematic for the Legend as well as some teasers released then and updated more recently. Revenant is a simulacrum, a fancy word for murderous robot in this case, and he’s a pretty talented assassin. We caught a glimpse of that in his cinematic shown above that had him taking out an entire room of people, though he was only after one main target.

Some Apex Legends lore tucked away in teasers shared around the time of Revenant’s release and refreshed again leading up to Loba’s reveal explained that Revenant was put in the Apex Games to keep him occupied while people could figure out how to deactivate him for good since he just keeps respawning every time he’s killed. Revenant realized in the trailer what Hammond Robotics and the Syndicate had done to him which means he’s got no love for the organizations, but there’s one person who wants to put an end to him even more than his soon-to-be victims do.

Loba’s Backstory

That person is Loba Andrade, a character who’s long been the subject of leaks, datamines, and theories. Loba’s going to be the next Legend in Apex Legends barring any big twists, and she’s got a long history with Revenant.

In Revenant’s cinematic, only one member of the family he targeted was left alive: The daughter. That daughter is none other than Loba, and though Revenant was only after the father and had no problem leaving her untouched after he’d achieved his goal, Loba wasn’t so quick to forget his actions.

Her cinematic shown at the top of the article showed that Loba grew up to become a skilled thief with both combat prowess and an array of gadgets at her disposal. The cinematic ends with Loba finally figuring out the whereabouts of Revenant, a discovery which indicates a big clash is coming.

So if a fight’s coming, how’s it going to play out? These possible outcomes obviously can’t encompass every result to the quarrel between the two, but there are a few potential ways this story could end.

Revenant Kills Loba

We’re not doubting Loba’s skills since she’s made it so far on her own, but Revenant is a trained assassin with some powerful tools at his disposal. It may have been a surprise attack, but he killed Forge, one of the strongest characters to almost appear in the Apex Games, so we’d have to assume he’d be able to kill Loba as well.

But would Respawn actually kill another character before Loba even got into the game? If a fight was started by Loba, he'd have a good chance of winning, but it's possible he doesn't remember Loba or care enough about her to initiate a fight. The developers used Revenant to kill Forge to throw players off, but Loba’s had abilities and in-game models datamined from the game’s files which means she's much more likely to be in the game than Forge ever was. While it’s possible Revenant would win the fight and kill Loba, it seems unlikely we’d see the same twist twice.

Loba Kills Revenant

Revenant may win the fight if the two fought head-on, but it doesn’t look like that’s Loba’s plan. According to recent teasers like the one above, Loba’s coming close to finding a way to disable Revenant by making sure his existence isn’t transferred to another simulacrum once he’s “killed.”

If one was to kill Revenant, that seems like it’d be the way to do it. It’s unclear if this means Revenant in his current state would be weakened, but it does mean that if he’s destroyed, he won’t be reviving again.

But killing off a character players have been using for months seems just as unlikely as killing off a new character a second time. Revenant just got buffed in April and is in a decent spot now, so removing him from the game would be a quick way to frustrate those who main him. Given how respawning is a key part of Revenant’s backstory, maybe he’d only be gone for a week or so from the game with some lore magic bringing him back, assuming he ever is taken out by Loba.

Revenant and Loba Team Up

Loba obviously can’t entirely forgive Revenant since he killed her parents, but could she at least align with him against a common enemy? Given that Hammond Robotics created the killing machine and likely had a hand in the hit against her parents, she’d definitely be out for blood against them, too. Given Revenant's hostility towards the organizations, the hatred for the groups could be the common denominator between the two.

This outcome, or at least one like it, seems to be one of the more likely scenarios for a number of reasons. It leaves both characters still alive which means people can play as the new Legend and keep playing as Loba, and it furthers the anti-Hammond Robotics storyline that’s been brewing.


It’s also one of the only ways the two could rationalize playing on the same team as each other. There’s some suspension of logic in Apex Legends when you see that Legends are playing against themselves while on different teams, but how could the game’s lore explain Revenant and Loba working together in any capacity if they don’t reconcile their differences begrudgingly if not entirely?

These questions and more will be answered soon enough when we see what happens between the two as well as what Loba’s capable of as soon as her abilities are revealed. Apex Legends Season 5 is scheduled to begin on May 12th with the launch trailer releasing on May 5th, so expect answers to come in the next week or so.

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