Apex Legends Releases Emergency Update, Here Are the Patch Notes

An emergency new Apex Legends update has been released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC alongside the official patch notes for the unexpected update. As you would expect from an emergency-like update, there isn't any new content, but rather fixes and improvements that Respawn felt were important enough to push early rather than stick in the game's next update.

As for the update, it features improvements to Reconnect, as well as fixes the issue of Wraith portals disappearing when placed in certain areas. Meanwhile, the issue of knockdown shields not blocking gunfire has always been fixed, as well as beacons showing up in the minimap but not in the actual game.

On top of this, there have been general improvements to "Ring logic," as well as fixes for several game logic errors. As for what these improvements and fixes are, Respawn doesn't say, suggesting they are minor enough not to bother the player with.

Below, you can check out the official patch notes in their entirety, courtesy of Respawn:

  • Improvements to Reconnect
  • Wraith portals disappearing if place in certain areas
  • Knockdown shields not blocking shots
  • Beacons showing up in minimap but not in-world
  • Improved Ring logic
  • Several game logic errors

As for the update, it only will require a humble 80 MB update, which is nothing compared to the sizes of some recent updates. In other words, it shouldn't take very long to download. However, it will indeed require an update on the console side.

Apex Legends is available, for free, via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more coverage on the popular battle royale game -- including the most recent news, updates, rumors, and leaks -- click here or check out the relevant links below: