Apex Legends Reveals New Legend, Map, and Its First Vehicle

Developer Respawn Entertainment today released a new cinematic for the popular free-to-play shooter Apex Legends featuring the game's Season 7 Legend: Horizon. While the cinematic itself is quite lovely to watch, and Horizon an expected addition, the developer also revealed a bunch more about the upcoming season. For example, there is a new map, and on top of that, Apex Legends will be introducing its very first drivable vehicle.

"Ascend to a beautiful, lush city in the clouds," Respawn Entertainment says of the new map, Olympus. "Just watch your step -- it's a long way down to the planet below." Details are relatively spare at the moment, but as with previous seasons, we can expect to see more information filled out on the official page as we get closer to release.

As for the vehicle, Apex Legends is introducing the Trident. The only image for this thing so far is largely obscured, but it essentially looks like some kind of hovering craft that an entire squad can ride around on. There were rumors suggesting that the new Olympus map would be the biggest yet, and given that it has its own vehicle associated with it, it seems likely they were accurate.

Apex Legends is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC and is in the midst of Season 6 - Boosted. Season 7 - Ascension is set to begin on November 4th alongside the launch of Apex Legends on Steam. The popular free-to-play shooter recently added cross-play. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular video game right here.

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