Apex Legends Update Fixes Annoying Matchmaking Bug and Other Issues

Respawn Entertainment released a smallish update for Apex Legends on Wednesday that resolves a pesky matchmaking bug among other problems. The bug in question is one that affected those who were queueing up for ranked matches and has made it so that players aren't randomly un-readied from the matchmaking process while they're trying to find a match. The same patch also included some more resolutions for issues involving crashes that resulted from the use of animated banners.

Over on the Respawn Entertainment Twitter account, the studio shared the brief list of patch notes which were then retweeted by the Apex Legends account for more visibility. The problems resolved deal exclusively with bugs, crashes, and related issues, so don't expect to see any balance changes of any kind within the patch notes.

The full notes for this Wednesday's update can be found below:

Apex Legends Patch Notes for October 20th Update

  • We've resolved an issue that caused players to be randomly unreadied while matchmaking in Ranked
  • Fixed a couple issues that were causing animated banner poses to cause hangs or crashes
  • Improved protection against DoS attacks
  • Fixed audio and rendering issues with respawn ships
  • Fixed an issue with using Crypto's drone in the Map Room
  • Fixed issue with Pathfinder having a constant 30s grapple cooldown regardless of distance in Arenas
  • Pathfinder Beacons Scanned tracker now updates correctly
  • Fixed melee and spin-up exploits related to mobile Sheila
  • The raven in Bloodhound's Niflheim Hundr skin will now correctly show as white in the lobby
  • Stability fixes and memory optimizations

The crashes resulting from animated banner poses have long been an issue in Apex and have been addressed once already, so hopefully this latest update clears up remaining issues related to those banner customizations. The bug involving the ready-up sequence during ranked matchmaking wasn't nearly as problematic as a crash, but it was still annoying in its own regard. Readying up and focusing on something else while a match is looked for is a pretty common occurrence, and players were often finding that the matchmaking process had canceled itself while they waited.

The new Apex Legends update is now live across all platforms.