Batman: Gotham Knights Reveals First Look at Batgirl

One of the most anticipated events at DC's FanDome is unquestionably WB Montreal's mysterious panel, which is set to reveal their first game since 2013's Arkham Origins. Up to this point, we've had cryptic teases regarding the Court of Owls, the Talons, Batgirl, Two-Face, and more, and now they've finally revealed official details about the much-anticipated game, which will be titled Gotham Knights. The new game is going to feature the Batman family in a Gotham-centric story, and the panel gave us the first look at this game's version of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, which you can find in the image below.

The suit is a mix of Burnside Batgirl and Batman 66, with purple as the core color and yellow lines in the cape, belt, and gloves. We also saw some gameplay of her in action and she looks amazing, and you can check out the image below.

Here's the costume:

(Photo: WB)

The last time we saw Batgirl in a video game was Rocksteady's Arkham Knight, though we saw her there in two different forms. Gordon was a major part of the overall story in her Oracle form, though we did get some special DLC that featured her during her Batgirl days as well. It was fully playable and featured Batgirl-specific abilities, though you can expect even more from this version of the character.

As for Arkham Origins, Gordon was featured in the game but we never saw her as Batgirl there, though she did work with Batman a bit as the game went on.

We're excited to see what she can do and what other costume options there are when the game releases, but in the meantime, you can check out the full description for DC FanDome below.


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