Borderlands Movie Casts Marvel’s Black Widow Actor as Krom

The upcoming Borderlands movie has cast Krom with a Marvel's Black Widow actor. More specifically, today the casting of the villain was finally revealed, and for the role of the bandit leader, Lionsgate has tapped Olivier Richters, a pro bodybuilder who's landing an increasing amount of roles in prominent movies. Richter joins Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, and more for the adaptation, which is being directed by Eli Roth and penned by Craig Mazin.

Right now, it's unclear how prominent of a role in the movie Krom will have, but it could be somewhat substantial considering the role the character has in the first game. Not only is Krom the leader of the Bandits, but he's the third boss of the original game.

In the lore of Borderlands, Krom is an ex-prison warden for Dahl, and his real name is Leslie. Beyond this, not much is known about the pretty standard villain. While he's somewhat important to the story of the first game, he's more of a vessel than anything.

That said, who knows what the role of Krom will be in the movie because the movie is set in a separate universe from the games, which means Roth and co. can do just about whatever they want with the character.

In terms of the casting itself, it's a far safer one than some of the previous castings. So far, the movie has made a few bold choices in this regard, but Richter is a pretty safe, but great shout for Krom.


Borderlands is set to drop on November 24, 2021, at least in the United States. For more coverage on the movie and all things gaming, click here or check out the relevant links below:

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