Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Scarecrows Have a Big Surprise for Players

Most of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's biggest changes during the Haunting of Verdansk event can be found in Warzone, but players in the traditional multiplayer component are able to get in on the Halloween spirit in different ways as well. One of those ways is through a unique change that turns the flags in game modes like Domination into scarecrows. Walking near those scarecrows will cause them to turn their attention towards a specific player, but people also found out that if you hit them enough, they'll retaliate.

The clip below from YouTuber and Twitch streamer Tomographic shows what happens when you smack the scarecrows a couple of times. After bopping the scarecrow with a few melee attacks, the straw-filled flag hops into the air to cause a big explosion on the ground when they land to instantly kill the player.

In a clip shared on Reddit that was one of the first posts showing off the Haunting of Verdansk Easter egg, a player showed off a similar experience of what happens when you attack the scarecrows. Infinity Ward multiplayer designer David Mickner responded to say he was "waiting for someone to find this."

Mickner also responded to another player who did some investigating on the feature to confirm the exact circumstances in which the Easter egg works. You have to do a total of 350 damage to the scarecrow to trigger the effect, Mickner said. He confirmed the player's assertion that the scarecrows only track damage from the player they're targeting and will only damage that player, so don't expect to trigger a scarecrow explosion to try and wipe your team or the enemy team in a clever play.

Aside from scarecrows in multiplayer, there's much more to see in the Haunting of Verdansk event, but you'll have to hop into Warzone to see a lot of it. Players found Leatherface's house in Warzone that comes complete with spooky sounds, dismemberment, and spectral apparitions. You can also catch Billy, the puppet from the Saw movies, appearing on TVs at time just as he would before he informs an ill-fated captive of the game they must play. The two antagonists joined the game as DLC skins for Operators in bundles that come complete with other related cosmetics.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone's Haunting of Verdansk event is live until November 3rd.