Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 Gets Surprise Extension

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s sixth season was supposed to be wrapped up by now with a end date of November 23rd previously announced in what would’ve been a natural and expected transition seeing how we have Black Ops Cold War out now. However, players have found that the current season of Modern Warfare is still ongoing and will continue for a bit longer as well. It’s now apparently scheduled to end on December 7th after getting a quiet extension to keep players busy for a few more weeks.

Modern Warfare players noticed the extended season this week after logging onto the game to play a few more matches before Season 6 and its battle pass came to an end. Fully expecting it to be concluded by the start of the week, players were surprised to see that the in-game information for when the battle pass would end listed a new date than the one expected. YouTuber WhosImmortal shared the screenshot below that showed the Modern Warfare season’s extension and gave some context for the new end date of the season by saying it’ll end just before we get our first dose of seasonal Black Ops Cold War content.

As we’ve seen from Activision and Treyarch in the past, December 10th is when the first season of Black Ops Cold War will start. We’ve already gotten some new content in the game like the release of the new Nuketown ’84 map, but that was an example of pre-season content and wasn’t officially part of Season 1.

A preview of the first season of Black Ops Cold War showed similar sorts of features and drops compared to what we got in Modern Warfare. New multiplayer modes and maps, new Zombies modes, more weapons, and a new Warzone experience were among the things teased with Season 1 being the official start of the Warzone integration between the two games.

As for Modern Warfare, we know that there’s at least still something coming for the game even if we don’t know for sure yet what that something might be. One of the game’s developers indicated as much recently by saying there’s more content coming, though the developer couldn’t offer any specifics on what that content would be or when players would hear more about it.