Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Are Getting a New Way to Report Cheaters

Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players are getting a new way to report cheaters this week when Infinity Ward adds an option that’ll let players send a report in after spectating a player or re-watching a death during a killcam. The new reporting option, in theory, should give players an opportunity to see for themselves whether they were killed fairly or unfairly and then act on whatever they see from spectating another player. Those cheaters will hopefully be dealt with quickly enough after that so that they don’t mess up anyone else’s games with their cheats.

Infinity Ward previewed the upcoming anti-cheat feature recently in an announcement that brought news about other measures being put in place to combat the cheaters that have been spreading throughout Warzone and Modern Warfare. It’s already been said that cheaters will be grouped into lobbies with other offenders so that they have to play with similar troublemakers, and this new reporting tool players have access to should help send them to those cheater-filled lobbies.

Warzone and Modern Warfare both got updates this week to change up the available playlists and make some other changes, but there was no mentioning in the patch notes of this particular feature going live alongside the update. Players will know when it’s live as soon as they play either game though since you’ll see the new report option as soon as you’re able to spectate someone or watch their killcam.

For players who’ve had it with cheaters, this new feature should be a welcome one. Cheaters have been plaguing the game to the point that Infinity Ward and Activision have already banned thousands of players from the games with that number continuing to grow all the time as more cheaters are identified.

Look for this anti-cheat measure to go live in both Warzone and Modern Warfare at some point this week and expect Infinity Ward to be sharing more plans on its anti-cheat practices in the future.

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