Call of Duty: Warzone Leak Reveals "Red Door" Fast Travel System

Call of Duty: Warzone appears to be getting a new fast travel system if some information included in a survey that went out recently is any indication of what's to come. Activision apparently sent out surveys to Warzone players to see how they were feeling about the new Verdansk '84 map and what features they enjoyed the most on the battleground. One of those survey options referenced something called "The Red Doors" which was said to be a "new fast travel system."

An image of the survey in question was shared online (via CallofDutyHope and CharlieINTEL) with one of the questions addressing the features added to the map in Season Three. Some of those included the updated points of interest that players can visit while others were more general and looked at various quality of life improvements, but the top-most option referenced something that players hadn't seen implemented in the game yet: The Red Doors fast travel system.

If that sounds familiar to you, it might be because you've seen those Red Doors used in some of the promotions around Season Three and the revamped Warzone experience. In one of the trailers for Season Three's Warzone plans where it showed off battles across the new Verdansk, it showed a scene where someone in a building was looking at a door that glowed red, but no other details were provided. The cinematic that played whenever players first transitioned into the new map also included a reference to these doors, but again, no other info was shared.

This wouldn't be the first time that Warzone has had a fast travel system either. Before the map became Verdansk '84, the previous Verdansk housed a subway system that allowed players to travel quickly about the map. Subway stations provided opportunities for battles and scavenging before moving onto the next location by hopping on the subway. Activision advertised the feature as one that'd help players quickly rotate around the map or pursue contracts to complete them in exchange for rewards.


Subways obviously require a bit more setup around them than just a door hence the need for the subway stations spread around the map, but the Red Doors apparently being added to the game shouldn't need quite as much setup. It's unclear when, where, and how they'll be implemented, however, but it shouldn't be too long before more details are shared.