Huge Call of Duty: Warzone Bug Is Giving Players Easy Wins

A huge Call of Duty: Warzone bug is giving players easy wins, courtesy of the Juggernaut Suit. If you've come across a 4-man squad complete with players murdering everything in their path with the Juggernaut Suit, it's not a new feature, it's a bug that's been made possible by a prevalent and commonly exploited duplication glitch that allows players to duplicate their Juggernaut drops, dishing out one to every player in the squad. It's a bug that's been inflicting the free-to-play battle royale game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC for a few days at this point, and players are starting to get very annoyed as a result.

To replicate the bug, all players need to have is a killstreak and the drop. From here, all they need to do is swap the two items with precise timing, and for whatever reason, the game will duplicate them instead of replacing them. That's it, and you can find examples of how to do it all over YouTube and other places.

The timing factor makes the exploit a bit less commonplace because it's easy to misfire with, however, once you get the timing down pat, it's pretty consistent, and allows you to duplicate Juggernaut drops at a very swift rate.

Right now, despite the fact that the bug has been ruining matches for days, the exploit/bug hasn't been fixed and there's no word of when it will be fixed, but it will presumably happen sooner rather than later via the game's next update. Game-breaking bugs like this are often prioritized, and Activision and co. have been pretty great at nipping them in the bud fairly quickly.

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