Call of Duty: Warzone Players Are Already Getting Impressive Parachuting Kills

Call of Duty: Warzone players have only had around a day to get used to the game depending on when [...]

Call of Duty: Warzone players have only had around a day to get used to the game depending on when you downloaded it, but people are already managing to pull off some impressive kills. Some of those kills even happen before players ever hit the ground since players can cut their parachutes early to either fall faster or start a midair fight with an opponent who wasn't expecting a shootout to happen before players hit the ground. Since Warzone allows for more than one descent via parachute when players are brought back, there are also opportunities to pull off some long-distance shots towards players who are already on the ground.

The parachutes in Warzone may have given some people trouble when the game launched as people tried to figure out the mechanics and how much they could push their luck before pulling their chute, but people are starting to get the hang of it now. Some players have taken their practice one step further by firing on people while they're detached from their parachute. A player shared an example of one of these kills on the Warzone subreddit and said it took them multiple attempts throughout the day before they were able to kill someone before ever landing on the ground.

After trying this ALL day, i FINALLY did it! New definition to dog fights (air battles) from r/CODWarzone

Other players have taken aim at people who were already on the ground while they parachuted into the battlefield. Twitter user Racerize shared the video below where they were dropping into a Warzone game, specifically the Plunder mode, and landed a shot on someone who was driving an ATV.

Trickshots have always been a big part of Call of Duty games, so we'll likely see many more of these sorts of stunts as players figure out the mechanics and get more comfortable dropping into matches. If it becomes too prevalent though, we may eventually see Infinity Ward take some action like limiting the amount of times players can redeploy their parachutes.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available across all platforms, and you can expect to see way more content from the game in the future.