Call of Duty: Warzone Update Fixes Modern Warfare Problem After Black Ops Cold War Integration

Call of Duty: Warzone has now integrated with Black Ops Cold War, and while the battle royale game was supposed to keep all of its Modern Warfare content without issue, some players found that the XP Tokens they’d earned in Infinity Ward’s game were no longer usable. Those XP Tokens could be redeemed for experience bonuses, or at least they could before Warzone’s current Season One started. Not being able to use the tokens was apparently an error though now that an update for Warzone has been announced that’ll once again make them usable.

Raven Software, one of the developers working on Black Ops Cold War and a driving force behind Warzone, tweeted on Friday about the fix for the XP Tokens that’s set to be released on the same day as its announcement. Within a brief set of patch notes shared that detailed the contents of the update, Raven Software explained that the XP Tokens earned in Modern Warfare prior to the new Season One will still be usable in both Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer mode and in Warzone. Any tokens you earn from here on out during Season One can be used in Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer mode or in Warzone, but they can’t be used retroactively in Modern Warfare.


Season One in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone just started not long ago, so players are still in the near beginnings of all the content that’s been added and are early on in the new battle pass unless they’ve been grinding like crazy since Season One started. Updates to fix problems like players being invisible have already been released since the season started, and for those who want to try everything out but don’t have the online subscriptions required to play on their platforms of choice, a limited-time free weekend for the Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer mode is live now to give players a preview of what’s new.