Cancelled Titanfall Game Details Leak Online; Wall-Running Would've Returned

Details for the recently cancelled Titanfall game, codenamed Titanfall Legends, have surfaced online and it sounds incredible. Titanfall is one of the most beloved shooter franchises to come out of the last decade, but that may not be immediately apparent given how few entries in the series there actually are. The first game was a pretty big hit as a multiplayer-only Xbox exclusive, but the sequel saw true critical acclaim thanks to its innovative and well-made campaign and its rock-solid multiplayer. However, a third game never materialized, instead, EA opted to invest in a new battle royale set in the Titanfall universe called Apex Legends and well... we all know how well that did. A new Titanfall game was reportedly in development recently, but it was tragically cancelled. 

When news came out that this mystery Titanfall game was cancelled, very few details about it were available. All we knew was that it was a single-player game going by the name Titanfall Legends. However, journalist Jeff Grubb provided some insight on Giant Bomb podcast and noted that the game was inspired by Doom Eternal and would've been a single player addition to Apex Legneds. The game was going to bring back a number of Titanfall characters, including beloved titan BT. The titan's chassis would've been discovered and revived by Rampart. Blisk, another Titanfall character, would've been the playable protagonist and would be able to control an upgradable BT. Various Legends would've also appeared to give the player new powers. As is tradition with the series, wall-running would have also been a key piece of the gameplay. The game was not intended to be Titanfall 3, but instead a blend of Titanfall and Apex Legends as more people would've played and been familiar with the free-to-play title. 

Unfortunately, given the game has been cancelled, so don't expect to ever play this. Whether Titanfall 3 ever happens is a mystery, but Grubb suggested that Apex Legends is more of the priority. It's a bit disappointing to hear such a cool concept was killed, but that's the way it goes with the gaming industry sometimes.

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