Classic Castlevania Games Getting Physical Release on PS4

Castlevania is one of the biggest video game franchises of all-time, and it consists of some of the most beloved games ever. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood definitely fit that criteria, and the two games made their way to PlayStation 4 through the Castlevania Requiem digital compilation in 2018. Next week, Castlevania fans will have a chance to own the compilation physically, thanks to publisher Limited Run Games! Starting on January 14th, pre-orders will begin for a standard edition (priced at $34.99), a classic edition ($64.99) or a massive ultimate edition ($174.99).

The physical release for Requiem was announced last year during E3, but this is the first time we've learned about a pre-order date or extras. The ultimate edition of Castlevania Requiem will include a SteelBook, soundtrack selection, chain pin, sword and shield replica, save point coffin box, poster, and more. An image of the set can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The ultimate edition will likely be a bit too expensive for most fans, but Limited Run Games will still have plenty of other extras fans can grab alongside the game. Last year, the publisher offered a physical release of Castlevania Anniversary Collection. In addition to the pre-orders for Castlevania Requiem, Limited Run Games will have a number of items based on Anniversary Collection on January 14th. These include t-shirts, playing cards, keychains, pins, and a Nintendo Switch case. Readers can find out more about all of these items at the company's official website right here.

For those unfamiliar with how Limited Run Games works, pre-orders for all three versions of the game will be open for six weeks in total. After that period has ended, production will begin. Since these items aren't produced until after orders have come in, they can take a bit of time, particularly when it comes to items besides the game. For some, the wait can be a bit frustrating, but diehard fans of Konami's beloved series will be more than willing to wait!


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