Critical Role Announces Return of The Mighty Nein

The Mighty Nein are returning to Critical Role. The popular webseries has announced a two-part special titled The Mighty Nein Reunited, which will air on November 17th and December 1st. As the title suggests, the two episode special will feature the return of the Mighty Nein, the heroes of Critical Role's second campaign. The special picks up a few months after the end of the original Mighty Nein campaign, and reunites the team when they discover that there are "old chapters" from their past that have "yet to be closed. The cast will all reprise their previous roles from the Mighty Nein campaign, although Critical Role declined to tell whether Taliesin will play Caduceus or Mollymauk.

The Mighty Nein Reunited will also mark the return of Critical Role to theaters. Cinemark will play the two-part special at 63 theaters in the US and 9 in South America. The new episodes will also be simulcast on Twitch and YouTube. Notably, the South American showings will take place a day after the North American release.

This marks the first time the Mighty Nein have appeared in Critical Role programming since their campaign wrapped up in mid-2021. The campaign notably had a few storylines unresolved when it ended, most notably a plot involving the demi-god Uka'toa. While Uka'toa dominated an early portion of the campaign, the storyline involving the creature's attempt to free itself was dropped after Fjord successfully rid himself of the entity's presence. It's also possible that the Cerberus Assembly could also factor into the special, especially as multiple members of the group have turned out to be major villains of the franchise.

The Mighty Nein Reunited will air on November 17 and December 1st. Theatrical tickets for the event are on sale. 

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