Dark Horse and Asmodee Partner Up for Tabletop Gaming Art Books

Dark Horse Comics is bringing some of tabletop gaming's most renowned worlds to life with brand new art books courtesy of a new partnership with Asmodee. Asmodee is home to somE of the biggest tabletop franchises around, including Arkham Horror, Android Netrunner, and Keyforge, and now those three franchises will be getting brand new art books from Dark Horse later this year. Each volume will include a variety of never before seen production art with commentary directly from Fantasy Flight Games. Each one will serve as a perfect companion piece to their respective franchise, and the first of these three releases will hit at the end of this year.

"With their amazing range of top-quality art and background books, Dark Horse is a natural partner for capturing the richly detailed and very stylistically different worlds of Arkham Horror, KeyForge and the Android Universe through this first series of art books," said Andy Jones, Head of Asmodee Entertainment.

"As a tabletop gamer with many an Asmodee product populating my overflowing shelves, I’m beyond excited to be working with Asmodee and the rest of the Dark Horse team to bring these books to life," Jones continued. "Our goal is to showcase these diverse and exciting properties in all their glorious detail, and we can’t wait to share the fruits of this partnership with readers, players and fans!"

Asmodee is currently home to publishers like Days of Wonder, Catan Studio, Fantasy Flight, Ludonaute, Monolith, Pearl Games, Z-Man Games, Space Cowboys, Treefrog Games, and more, and currently has 33 studios under its umbrella.

Android Netrunner recently came to a close, though Arkham Horror and Keyforge are still delivering new expansions, including the Mass Mutation set for the latter.


Asmodee's games are also getting a series of new novels set in their respective universes from Aconyte Books, which were originally slated to hit this year in May, though we're not sure if those are still on track.

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