Dead by Daylight Players Create Concepts for Vecna, More Stranger Things Characters

Dead by Daylight does feature Stranger Things content with Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, and the Demogorgon all added to the game in a past DLC, but that content isn't available to purchase any longer even though it's still playable. The deal between Netflix and Dead by Daylight creator Behaviour Interactive came to an end late last year when the content was no longer buyable from the store, but with the latest season of Stranger Things and its new big bad now out, people are imagining what it might look like if Vecna and others were added to Dead by Daylight in the future.

Since the new season came out and people started getting a feel for what Stranger Things' version of Vecna was capable of, we've started to see concepts for that antagonist as well as other Survivors shared online. Killers in Dead by Daylight always have one unique power associated with them and three perks while Survivors only have three unique perks to their names. Twitter user WheatDraws shared the concepts below not long ago to conceptualize what Vecna and Eddie Munson might look like in Dead by Daylight.

Vecna's proposed power, Vile Darkness" would first isolate Survivors with the use of a "Dread Chime" reminiscent of Vecna's ability to target individuals and manipulate their bodies as seen in the newest season in order to find other Survivors. All of this results in a Gate being opened where the Survivor was with Vecna able to then teleport to the other Gates similar to how the Demogorgon can travel through portals.

WheatDraws also shared a couple of perk ideas for the two characters which again serve as callbacks to their actions and traits in Stranger Things. Others like Reddit user HarleyZedMona have come up with similar concepts for Eddie and Vecna as well as another for Robin Buckley.

There have naturally been rumors and speculations about whether or not Stranger Things content will indeed come back to Dead by Daylight, but nothing official has been announced at this time. In the past, we've seen multiple Survivors from one franchise added to the game through what basically amounts to Legendary cosmetics. Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield were added to Dead by Daylight as skins for the existing Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine characters, for example, so the same could in theory be done for the Survivors to add Eddie and others to the game. Killers are a bit trickier since they have unique powers associated with them and must be readable so that players know what's coming their way, so if Vecna did get added, it'd probably be as a totally new character.

Again, nothing has been confirmed or announced at this time, so we'll just have to keep seeing concepts like these done up by the community until anything official is shared.