Dead by Daylight Players Get to Vote on New Skins

Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive have been big on player-focused votes and surveys lately, and just recently, the developer announced yet another one. This latest vote tasks players with choosing their favorite skins from a collection of cosmetics geared towards the game's winter event with the winning group set to be added in the game later this year. Some of the skins will be free for players to earn while others will be up for purchase, but it's up to player to decide which skins make it into the game during this event.

Concept art for the skins was shared in the poll found here that laid out the rules for this voting process. The catch here is that there are 12 skins in total, but they're divided into Set A and Set B with six skins in each group. You can't pick and choose which skins you like from both categories – you either pick Set A or you pick Set B.

As for the distribution of skins between the two groups, Set A comes with skins for David, The Dredge, Kate, The Trickster, Mikaela, and Meg while Set B includes skins for The Hillbilly, Yun-Jin, The Trickster, Kate, Adam, and Meg. The free skins earned via the event in the first set are for David and The Dredge while the free ones from the second set are for The Hillbilly and Yun-Jin.

The votes are already coming in for these skins ever since the poll opened earlier in the week, but players who haven't yet voiced their opinions still have a while longer to do so. The voting is open until July 25th, Behaviour said, so you've got until then to make your pick if you haven't already.

After this vote comes to a close, keep in mind that Dead by Daylight players have more news still coming their way soon during a special event announced by Behaviour. It's called "Behaviour Beyond" and is the first of its kind, and it'll take place on August 3rd.