Dead by Daylight Updates New DLC Killer Before Release

Dead by Daylight's new medieval Chapter features a Killer known as "The Knight," and already, the Killer's been adjusted before he's even been released. Behaviour Interactive shared an update on the status of the Killer and other parts of the Forged in Fog Chapter. The Chapter itself is scheduled to release on November 22nd, so for those who haven't been playing as the Killer over in the test servers, you'll soon have the chance to do so (assuming you pick up the paid DLC).

The Knight's unique power works by summoning guards to patrol parts of maps and look for Survivors. Three different guards can be summoned with different effects associated with each of them, so there are lots of elements to consider in terms of balance when you factor in those components as well as the perks the Knight boasts.

As described within the latest post about the PTB changes, you can see everything that's new with the Knight below:

  • Guards will now appear after 1.5 seconds (down from 2 seconds)
  • The time it takes for a guard to travel to the location the Survivor was detected has been reduced to 2.5 seconds (down from 3 seconds)
  • A guard's detection radius will now grow to full size after 1 second (down from 1.5 seconds)
  • The Carnifex's banner now activates after 10 seconds (up from 8 seconds)
  • The Jailer and The Assassin's banner now activates after 5 seconds (up from 2 seconds)
  • Map of the Realm: Now increases guard's vision by 4 meters (down from 6)
  • Flint and Steel: Effects now only apply to unbroken dropped pallets.
  • Healing Poultice: Effects now apply to Survivors within a 24m radius (was outside a 32m radius)
  • Knight's Contract: Increased range to 12m (up from 8m)

The same PTB update also changed other things like the Hex: Face the Darkness perk as well as "The Shattered Square" which is the new map include in the DLC. You can see more on those changes here.

Dead by Daylight's new Chapter, Forged in Fog, will be out on November 22nd.