Dead by Daylight Update Confirms "Much-Anticipated Feature" Is Coming Soon

Dead by Daylight Mobile boasted one feature at launch that Dead by Daylight proper didn't have: bots. These stand-ins for players seemed like a good enough idea for the mobile game when they were announced, and sure enough, players started asking if bots would ever come to Dead by Daylight. Behaviour Interactive told us previously that, like all things, it was a possibility, and in the latest dev update from the creators, Behaviour confirmed that bots will indeed be coming to custom matches in the 6.4 update planned for November.

Bots were already known to be on their way to Dead by Daylight when Behaviour confirmed recently during an anniversary stream that the feature would be added, but prior to this latest dev update, players didn't have a firm idea of what that would happen. Behaviour said this "much-anticipated feature" will arrive in the 6.4 update and explained how the feature will work.

"Starting in 6.4.0, the host of a custom game can click the '+' icon to add a random Survivor bot to the lobby," Behaviour said. "Don't like the way that bot looked at you? The host can click their name and remove the bot at their discretion. You can face off against an entire lobby of robot Survivors, fill empty slots when playing with friends, or ignore them entirely and play with a partial lobby of human friends like before."

When the bots are first added to the custom games, they'll only be available as Survivor bots. Behaviour said that the Killer bots are coming in a later game so that players can practice against a Killer if they choose to do so. The delay on the Killer bots deals with the fact that the AI must be "trained to use each Killer's power first" whereas the Survivors don't have to worry about that since they rely on perks alone and not powers.

Further updates regarding this feature will make it so that players can select specific characters as bots as well as their loadouts, though for now, things will kick off with only Survivor bots.