New Death Stranding Director's Cut Gameplay Will Be Revealed at Gamescom

Death Stranding Director's Cut is set to release on PlayStation 5 next month, but prior to that [...]

Death Stranding Director's Cut is set to release on PlayStation 5 next month, but prior to that time, it has now been confirmed that we'll get a new look at the gameplay that this updated version of the game will have in store. Specifically, this new gameplay presentation is slated to occur later this week as part of Gamescom Opening Night Live, which is the event that kicks off the world's largest gaming convention.

The appearance of Death Stranding Director's Cut at Gamescom Opening Night Live was confirmed today on social media by Geoff Keighley, who is the host and producer of the event. Keighley said that this new presentation will off up an "extended" look at Director's Cut, which means that we should get a much better idea of the new systems and mechanics that have been added to this iteration of the game. This also marks the second such time that Death Stranding will have appeared at Gamescom Opening Night Live, as the title previously appeared at the locale back in 2019.

Perhaps the biggest question surrounding this upcoming presentation for Death Stranding Director's Cut comes with a potential appearance by Hideo Kojima. Typically, Kojima himself tends to show up during Keighley's events in some capacity, so there is a good chance that the famed game developer will show his face in some regard. That being said, Keighley himself didn't confirm that Kojima will be showing up just yet, so don't get too excited about this development just yet.

When it comes to Death Stranding Director's Cut as a whole, the game is slated to launch next month on September 24. And even though the original Death Stranding is also available on PC, Director's Cut will only be coming to PlayStation 5.

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