Demon's Souls Remake Officially Revealed for PS5

Demon's Souls Remake has been officially announced for PS5 at today's PlayStation 5 reveal event [...]

Demon's Souls Remake has been officially announced for PS5 at today's PlayStation 5 reveal event after years of leaks, rumors, and reports teasing its existence. Like the rumors, reports, and leaks suggested it was, the game's in development at Bluepoint Games, a developer known for its remasters, ports, and remakes. And to accompany the announcement, Bluepoint Games and Sony have released the project's debut trailer, and our first look at the game proper. Unfortunately, there's no word of a release date or window.

As expected, and as its title suggests, this is a full-blown remake. In other words, this isn't an enhanced port, or a remaster, but a remake remade from the ground up. And it shows. Demon's Souls released back in 2009. It's pretty dated looking, but the remake looks like a modern, 2020 game.

As leaks, reports, and rumors suggested, the game is a PlayStation exclusive, which means we won't be seeing it on the Xbox Series X or any other platform when it releases.

As mentioned above, Demon's Souls debuted back in 2009 via developer FromSoftware, the makers of games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Interestingly, while the game wind up becoming a cult-classic, when it was first announced in 2008, reactions were largely negative. In fact, the reaction was so bad that Sony decided to pass on publishing the game outside of Japan, which would prove to be an unforced error. While the game struggled in Japan, it became a commercial and critical success in the West, and would eventually spawn the Dark Souls series, which FromSoftware would make not with Sony, but Bandai Namco.

As for Bluepoint, it's a Texas-based studio that has been making a name for itself by working on other people's games. However, it wasn't until it released Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection in 2015 that it really grabbed the attention of the industry. And this momentum was continued with Gravity Rush Remastered and then the terrific remaster of Shadow of the Colossus in 2018. In other words, if there's a studio you want remaking a classic game, it's probably Bluepoint.

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