Digimon Survive Gets Delayed Again

Witchcraft and Bandai Namco have apparently delayed Digimon Survive once more with the new Digimon [...]

Witchcraft and Bandai Namco have apparently delayed Digimon Survive once more with the new Digimon game now scheduled to be out at some point in 2022. The information about the latest delay comes from the most recent Toei Animation financial report which listed the game as a 2022 release. A more specific release date beyond some time next year was not given.

The details from Toei Animation's latest financial briefing which were spotted by Gematsu showed where Digimon Survive now falls in the company's release expectations. Digimon Survive is now listed under the "Fiscal Year 2022 Q3 and Beyond" category which means we definitely won't be seeing the game this year.

This isn't the first time that the game's been delayed either. It was first announced in 2018 and was planned for a 2019 release before it was delayed to 2020. Then, another delay pushed the game back to some point in 2021. This makes for the third delay that's affected the game now release date.

Between those delays, people have at least gotten sporadic updates on Digimon Survive through reveals of screenshots and gameplay details, though those are largely overshadowed by the delays themselves.

The game's supposed to be a tactical strategy game where players control different Digimon and do battle with other monsters. It's planned for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. Unsurprisingly, it stars Agumon as the primary Digimon monster who accompanies players.

"Celebrating the franchise's 20th anniversary, Digimon Survive is a tactical RPG with a focus on storytelling and turn-based battles," Bandai Namco said about the delayed Digimon game. "Takuma Momozuka goes on a school camping trip only to find himself transported to a mysterious world full of monsters and danger. Join Takuma and Agumon as you craft your story and fight your way back home in Digimon Survive."

Digimon Survive is scheduled to release some time in 2022 but does not have a more precise release date at this time.