Dr Disrespect Gets Booted From Midnight Society, Game Studio He Co-Founded

Midnight Society has severed its ties with Dr Disrespect immediately.

Midnight Society, the studio behind the upcoming game Deadrop, has cut ties with one of its founders, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm. Back in 2021, Beahm founded Midnight Society alongside longtime Call of Duty developer Robert Bowling and a handful of others. Since that time, Midnight Society has continued to work on Deadrop, which Beahm continued to amplify online via his Dr Disrespect persona. In the wake of new allegations that have come about claiming that Beahm was banned from Twitch in 2020 as a result of "sexting a minor", though, Midnight Society has now opted to end its relationship with the co-founder. 

In a message shared on X today, Midnight Society announced that Beahm will no longer be part of the company moving forward. The studio said it became aware of the allegations aimed at Beahm this past Friday, June 21st, at which point it began "speaking with parties involved." After these discussions, those in charge at Midnight Society came to the conclusion that Beahm would be booted out of the company right away.

"On Friday evening we became aware of an allegation against one of our co-founders Guy Beahm aka Dr Disrespect," began the statement. "We assumed his innocence and began speaking with parties involved. And in order to maintain our principles and standards as a studio and individuals, we needed to act. For this reason, we are terminating our relationship with Guy Beahm immediately. While these facts are difficult to hear and even more difficult to accept, it is our duty to act with dignity on behalf of all individuals involved, especially the fifty-five developers and families we have employed along with our community of players."

At the time of this writing, Beahm hasn't responded publicly to his separation from Midnight Society. Earlier in the day, though, he was streaming live on YouTube where he briefly addressed the allegations levied at him. By the end of the stream, Beahm indicated that he would be taking an extended break from the internet as he is currently feeling "fatigued" and "burnt out", specifically from being on social media. 

"It might be time to drive into the sunset champs," Beahm said at the stream's end. "I appreciate all of you."