Dr Disrespect Reveals He Almost Died During Streaming Break

Dr Disrespect retuned to streaming today via YouTube, and in the process addressed his Twitch ban. Elsewhere during his homecoming, the Two-Time also revealed that during his break from streaming he almost died in the Bahamas while streaming in and around a coral reef. According to the streamer, while swimming he found himself inside a tunnel within a coral reef, and he "almost" couldn't find his way out.

The shocking reveal came during a point in the stream where the Doc admitted he feels disconnected from the streaming and gaming world due to his long absence, much of which he spent relaxing in the Bahamas.

"I was literally in the Bahamas for like four weeks in my private casa on this reef," said the streamer. "I almost drowned. I went in one of these coral reefs, inside one of these tunnels, and I almost couldn't find my way out."

Dr Disrespect declined to reveal any additional details about the incident, so it's unclear just how serious the situation was, but it's not an uncommon cause of drowning. As you may know, it's very easy to lose your sense of direction underwater, especially if light and visibility is low.

At the moment of publishing, Doc's first stream back is still ongoing, and is currently hovering around 300,000 concurrent viewers. That said, at its height, when the Doc addressed his banning, the stream neared 550,000 concurrent viewers. In other words, to say there are many happy to see the Doc back would be underselling it.

During the stream, Doc checked out various games, such as Warzone, Fall Guys, Rogue Company, and Anarea, all of which he will likely try out in the coming weeks.


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