New Dragon Age 4 Report Finally Has Some Good News About the Game

Dragon Age 4 began development in 2015, yet we've only seen two trailers for it, neither of which have shown off anything of the game. And since December 2020, we haven't seen the game at all, nor have we heard anything substantial about it either. Unfortunately, we still don't have a major official update on the game, but we do have a major unofficial update on it. The update comes the way of industry insider and leaker Jeff Grubb, and unlike just about every previous report about the game and its troubled development, there's finally some good news.

According to Grubb, after a series of setbacks, the game's development is in good shape and hitting every milestone, indicative of a smooth development. Adding to this, Grubb relays word that the game could release in late 2023, however, this is the earliest it will hit. In other words, there's a chance it could slip to 2024. 

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the report. There's no word when the game will resurface and when fans of the series will get their first proper look at the game. That said, if it's going to release next year, the expectation would be for the game to resurface sometime this year with a new trailer.

Dragon Age 4 officially doesn't have a release date or a release window nor is there word of platforms, but the expectation is that it's in development for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and possibly PS4 and Xbox One as well. For more coverage on Dragon Age 4 and all things gaming -- including not just the latest news, but the latest rumors, leaks, and speculation -- click here.

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