Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Adds Tons of New Class Feats

A new third-party Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides plenty of options for players who want to take feats when leveling up. At certain levels in Dungeons & Dragons, players get to choose whether to increase their base ability scores or to take a feat, a specialized ability that usually grants some extra ability or boon. While D&D players seem to love feats, there's only a few options provided in the Player's Handbook and experienced players likely have at least dabbled with the most popular and relevant options.

For those players who want to experiment with some new feats, Wyatt Trull has released a new supplement containing over 100 new feats, each focused on specific classes. Daerden's Class Feats is focused on giving players additional options when crafting their character and tweaking mechanics that cause complaints among players. The feats are designed around three core philosophies: to provide additional resources to players, to patch preexisting "flaws" in various character builds, and to fulfill niche playstyles that typically require complicated multiclass builds.

Many of the feats in Daerden's Class Feats add extremely limited options from other classes, enabling certain niche playstyles. For example, the "Favored by the Gods" feat grants fighters a spark of divine magic, granting them access to an extremely limited number of spells from the paladin and cleric spell lists. The "Fists of Unhinged Fury" gives Barbarians the ability to deal out extra damage with unarmed strikes, which grants a player to both rage and pummel their enemies into submission with their bare hands. What's more - all of the feats in Daerden's Class Feats are balanced and won't grant a player too much power at low levels.

The feats in Daerden's Class Feats are tools made to give D&D players more variety and customization options of their characters. While the Player's Handbook contains tons of options for players, these class feats open up some interesting options for players that should inspire some very innovative builds in the future.


Daerden's Class Feats is available on the DMs Guild for $4.95.