Check Out These Weird and Powerful Dungeons & Dragons Magic Items

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement contains 100 new magic items perfect for high-level parties or for players wandering about the D&D multiverse. Every D&D party loves magic items - not only do they provide characters with an extra boost of power, they also grant players an additional level of customization when telling their character's story. There's nothing quite as rewarding as surviving a deadly dungeon and emerging with a powerful new magic item, especially when it's not something they've encountered in a past campaign. While Dungeons & Dragons is continuously expanding the number of "official" magic items, the most innovative and unique items are often ones not developed by the official D&D team.

Weird Things I Found in the Planar Vortex is a new 43-page supplement containing 100 new magic items, many of which are specifically made with high-level parties in mind. The supplement was written by Isaac May and serves as a sequel of sorts of Weird Thing I Found on the Dungeon Floor, another fantastic supplement filled with useful magic items. As its name suggests, Weird Things I Found in the Planar Vortex contains some strange magic items pulled from every corner of the multiverse. Ten of the magic items are particularly powerful and can serve as a fantastic capstone to a campaign, or as a powerful magic item needed to defeat a powerful antagonist. From Seinoc's Snarled Sphere, which allows its holder to trap enemies within a labyrinth contained in a pocket dimension, to the Rune Star Box that allows a player to harness the powers of a star, there are a lot of amazing magic items that can turn an entire D&D campaign on its head.

The other 90 magic items aren't quite as powerful as the ten artifacts found in the front of the book, but most players will still be happy to add them to their inventory. In addition to the usual sort of magical items that can break constructs or cast spells at will, there's also more innovative items like a cauldron that automatically makes a magic stew using any available food item or a cape that can grow to become a bridge or ladder for others.


If you need to add some magical spice to your player's inventories, Weird Things I Found in the Planar Vortex is a fantastic supplement, filled with magic items that will make your party smile and have them scheming about how to ruin your next carefully crafted encounter.

Weird Things I Found in the Planar Vortex is available for $4.95 on the DMs Guild.