Dungeons & Dragons Releases Domains of Delight Supplement

Wizards of the Coast has released a new Dungeons & Dragons supplement detailing how players can build their own Feywild domain of delight. Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast released Domains of Delight: A Feywild Accessory on the DMs Guild. The new supplement provides players with guidelines and tips for creating a Domain of Delight, a sequestered realm of the Feywild ruled over by an archfey. These domains match the emotional state of their archfey and act as a parallel to the Domains of Dread found in Ravenloft. The Domains of Delight concept was officially introduced in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, a new D&D campaign adventure that also releases today. Interestingly, Domains of Delight was actually advertised in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight as an add-on supplement, the first time that Wizards has promoted a DMs Guild publication has been featured in a physical D&D book in that format.

Domains of Delight is split into three chapters. The first contains a summary of the Feywild, explaining the nature of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, the nature of Fey Hospitality and Gifts, making a Fey Contract, and other general information about the Feywild. The second chapter explains how to build an archfey, providing various tables and suggestions on their appearance, personality, and signature spells. This section also provides a very brief guide on how to convert an existing monster stat block into an archfey statblock. The final chapter provides tips and guidelines on how to build a Domain of Delight, suggesting key geographical features, themes, and even potential fey inhabitants. There's also an example of an archfey and his domain - Yarnspinner and the domain of Fablerise. The supplement also contains reprints of appendices from The Wild Beyond the Witchlight for players to print out and use instead of writing or tearing out pages in their adventure book.

As part of the Domains of Delight release, the DMs Guild also teamed up with several creators to produce several "Dungeoncraft Spotlight" adventures. These adventures use the rules and tips from Domains of Delight and can be used either as accessories to The Wild Beyond the Witchlight or as standalone adventures. Creators who released Dungeoncraft Spotlight adventures include Justice Arman, Bianca Bickford, Paul Gabat, Emily Harmon, Gabe Hicks, Anthony Joyce, Kat Kruger, and Jacky Leung.


You can purchase Domains of Delight today on the DMs Guild for $8.00.