Dungeons & Dragons Reveals New Subclass in Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

Wizards of the Coast has released its revamped version of the Drakewarden ranger subclass ahead of Fizban's Treasury of Dragon's release next month. As part of this weekend's D&D Celebration, Wizards of the Coast released several new previews for Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, the upcoming dragon-themed sourcebook that contains a mix of dragon-based player options, dragon lore, and new dragon statblocks. One of these previews is of the Drakewarden ranger, one of two new subclasses introduced in the book. The drakewarden ranger is a ranger who can magically summon a drake as a companion, with the drake growing in power as players level up.

This is a revamped version of the drakewarden ranger that was playtested earlier in the year and features several tweaks to make the class more powerful. For one, the drake is no longer a "limited time" summon. Instead, the drake remains by the player's side until it reaches 0 HP or until the ranger dies. Previously, the drake only lasted a few hours per day. Also, the subclass makes it explicitly clear that the ranger can ride their drake when they reach Level 7 and the drake grows to become a medium-sized creature. Finally, the breath weapon the drake gains when a player reaches Level 11 has increased in power by 2D6. Other features from the playtest remained unchanged, including the subclass's draconic gift feature.

You can check out the full preview of the Drakewarden Ranger here. More previews are expected to be released over the weekend. Wizards of the Coast is also expected to announce a new product releasing in January 2022 at the event.

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons will also feature one other playable subclass, several new dragonborn subraces, new magic spells and items, and also new lore and monster statblocks for dragon and dragon-associated creatures. Some of the creatures previewed for Fizban's Treasury of Dragons include the fearsome elder brain dragon and the eyedrake, a beholderkin that resembles a bizarre mix of dragon and beholder.


Fizban's Treasury of Dragons will be released on October 19th.