Lost 1980s Dungeons & Dragons Toys Are Finally Getting Released

Several "lost" Dungeons & Dragons action figures from the 1980s will finally get released later this year. NECA announced that they would produce several action figures based on prototypes made for LJN's line of Dungeons & Dragons action figures. The "Lost Wave" of figures will include Skylla, Kelek, Pulvereye, and Valkeer. Three of the four figures will come with their original "Battle-Matic" Action ability and match the original schematics and sizes of the original D&D action figures. The new Dungeons & Dragons will be a Comic-Con exclusive, meaning that they'll likely be hard to find for non Comic-Con goers. 

LJN originally produced its line of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons figures back in 1982. Over the course of two years, LJN released 19 different figures, as well as several monster figures. Most of the characters in the line didn't appear in the actual Dungeons & Dragons game initially, but they were eventually added through a special supplement made in 1983. Many of the characters from the Dungeons & Dragons toy line also appeared in the D&D cartoon, which came out around the same time.

Collectors knew that LJN had plans to release several additional figures that were never released for various reasons. For years, fans only knew about the figures thanks to old LJN catalogs or from packaging on the back of other Dungeons & Dragons toys. Interestingly, there's still one "lost" LJN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy – a "chubby" version of Kelek that was meant to be released in the Second Wave of figures. 

In recent years, the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy characters have made a comeback of sorts. NECA is making new Warduke and Grimsword action figures, which are due for release later this year. Several of the characters also played a major role in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight adventure, which was released in 2021.