EA Sports FC 24: Best Players for Elite Quartet Evolution

These are the best players for the Elite Quartet Evolution in EA FC 24.

With the EUROs kicking off and Copa America starting up soon, developer Electronic Arts is all-in on delivering new content to Ultimate Team fans in EA Sports FC 24. Recently, the team dropped the first week of the new Make Your Mark promo, adding live cards to EA Sports FC 24 for players making their first appearance during the two tournaments. However, the developers aren't stopping there, as they've also introduced an Evolution that lets you add up to four PlayStyles+ to the card of your choice. The Elite Quartet Evolution is very powerful (and equally costly), so below you'll find a full breakdown of what to expect and a list of the best players to use it on in EA Sports FC 24.

What is the EAFC 24 Elite Quartet Evolution?

(Photo: EA Sports)

As mentioned, this Evolution is costly. You'll need to drop 200,000 Coins or 500 FC Points to start it, making it tough to recommend for many budget players. That said, here are the requirements you'll need to keep in mind:

  • Max Overall: 86
  • Max Pace: 89
  • Max Shooting: 88
  • Max Physical: 82
  • Max PlayStyles: 7
  • Max PlayStyles+: 1

Once you finish all of the Objectives, you'll earn +9 Overall, +8 Pace, +8 Shooting, +8 Passing, +8 Dribbling, +8 Defending, +9 Physical, +1 Weak Foot, the Relentless, Trivela, and Press Proven PlayStyles, and the Incisive Pass, Quick Step, and Long Ball Pass PlayStyles+.

The Best Players for the Elite Quartet Evolution

Many of the top options are also very expensive. If you have 300,000 Coins to afford Team of the Week Raphael Varane, he's incredible, but most players are probably looking at cheaper alternatives. Here are our favorite options if you're working on a budget:

  • Jude Bellingham – Real Madrid
  • Eder Militao – Real Madrid
  • TOTW Rodrygo – Real Madrid
  • Jamal Musiala – Bayern Munich
  • Heroes Capdevila – LaLiga

The number one option is Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is almost impossible to pick up on the Transfer Market due to the mystery EURO Throwback Objective EA added on June 14th. If you can get him without paying a premium, he's worth using. Otherwise, we like Bellingham and Militao quite a bit. Bellingham is a classic box-to-box mid who can serve as a deep-lying playmaker, while Militao is a pacey center-back who can keep up with the likes of Kylian Mbappe.

Musiala is in a similar boat as Bellingham but is more of an attacking player. He does have 99 dribbling, so you know he'll feel great with the ball at his feet. TOTW Rodrygo is a bit more expensive, but you're getting a speedster who can play up top or flex out to either wing. Finally, Capdevila is also somewhat pricey, but he's another great player that you can stick nearly anywhere on the pitch to close a gap in your team.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The Elite Quartet Evolution expires on July 14th.