EA Sports FC 24: Best Players for German Glory Evolution

Here are the best players for the German Glory Evolution in EA FC 24.

Recently, developer Electronic Arts released the Make Your Mark promo into EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. This latest promo has added live cards to Ultimate Team featuring players making their first appearance at the EUROs or Copa America. However, many of those cards are very expensive, so EA Sports FC 24 has continued to release new Evolutions that let players take low-rated cards and boost them. The German Glory Evolution celebrates the first game of the EUROs, giving players the option to boost a card from the host nation. Below, you'll find a full breakdown of the German Glory Evolution and a list of the best players to use it on in EA Sports FC 24.

What is the EAFC 24 German Glory Evolution?

(Photo: Electronic Arts)

Fortunately, this Evolution is free to start. Even if you don't have a card you want to use it on, it's worth working through it for free, high-rated fodder. Here are the requirements you'll need to keep in mind:

  • Max Overall: 87
  • Max Pace: 92
  • Max Physical: 90
  • Max PlayStyles: 7
  • Max PlayStyles+: 2

Once you finish all of the Objectives, you'll earn +7 Overall, +9 Pace, +7 Shooting, +7 Passing, +7 Dribbling, +7 Defending, +9 Physical, +1 Skill Moves, the Trivela, Rapid, and Dead Ball PlayStyles, and the Slide Tackle PlayStyle+.

The Best Players for the German Glory Evolution

Remember, you can only use German players in this Evolution, which hurts the player pool. That said, there are several solid options if you're willing to spend some money. Here are our favorite options:

  • Yann Aurel Bisseck (Future Stars) – Inter Milan
  • Anton Stach (FUT Birthday) – Hoffenheim
  • Lukas Klostermann (Thunderstruck) – RB Leipzig
  • Angelo Stiller (Festival of Football Academy) – Stuttgart
  • Kai Havertz – Arsenal

Bisseck, Stach, and Klostermann are all great players who fill different roles. The problem will be finding them on the Transfer Market. None of them cost more than 35,000 Coins, but they're all currently extinct. If you can snag one (or have them in the club), they're worth using. Bisseck and Klostermann are both pacey center-backs with solid defending and great dribbling. Meanwhile, Stach is an incredible box-to-box mid.

If you can't get your hands on either of them, you might consider using Stiller. He was given out for free on June 14th, so if you didn't use him in the EUROs Midfielder Evolution, you can use him here. He's not as good as Stach, but can fill a similar role. Finally, Kai Havertz is a last-ditch option that'll give you some attacking quality and a high-rated player to use in a future Squad Building Challenge.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The German Glory Evolution expires on July 13th.