Elden Ring Player Shows Off Unique Spirit Summon Interaction

Elden Ring's multitude of Spirit Summons available in the game make for some interesting builds, and given how many there are, players are still discovering new things about them all the time. For many players, it makes sense then that one person's recent video of a unique Spirit Summon interaction came as a surprise when a player showed off how certain summoned spirits respond to enemies that they obviously wouldn't have a chance of fighting.

The Spirit Summon in question is the one used to summon the Wandering Nobles, and the player who showed off the unique interaction between them and a particularly imposing enemy is Reddit user _harissss. The player shared a clip within the Elden Ring subreddit that showed what happens whenever you try to use the Wandering Nobles to fight the dragon Agheel.

One would assume that the Wandering Nobles wouldn't stand much of a chance against Agheel, and it looks like that theory would be correct seeing how they didn't even try to fight the dragon. Instead, the Wandering Nobles cowered away from the boss and didn't help at all.

The Noblemen Spirit Ashes Surrender when summoned against Agheel. from Eldenring

It's certainly a unique response exhibited by the Wandering Nobles even if it wasn't a totally new revelation. The wiki page for the Spirit Summon, for example, already had it listed that these spirits would shy away from battles with particularly imposing enemies, so players knew about it already. But as evidenced by the many upvotes and comments given to the initial post, there were plenty of players who didn't know this sort of thing could happen. Use of these Spirit Summons is far less common compared to other things like the Mimic Tear, too, so that's another reason why this interaction would fly under the radar even if it'd been documented already.

Others commented within the Reddit thread to say that additional Spirit Summons had interesting interactions with enemies, too. Latenna, for example can tame wolves as her character's lore indicates, though that's more of an interesting lore tie-in as opposed to a useful gameplay feature. Given that the Spirit Summons are also enemies players can find in-game, people pondered as to whether or not these interactions were remnants of the AI enemies' behaviors begin carried over once they were summoned.