Enola Holmes Board Game Announced

Gale Force 9 has announced a new board game based on the hit Netflix movie Enola Holmes. Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls is a new all-versus-one board game for 2-4 players, in which one player lays out a "crime" made up of six cards. The remaining players have 4 rounds to determine which cards were used for the crime in order to win the game. Players get clues by solving puzzles found throughout the board, using cards from their hand and their character's innate skills to form combinations of symbols needed to solve the puzzle. The criminal can complicate the puzzle by playing "Causing Trouble" cards, which add additional symbols to the puzzle. At the end of each rounds, players have a chance to show their deductions and the criminal tells them how close they are to solving the puzzle.

Enola Holmes debuted in 2020 and stars Billie Bobby Brown as the titular heroine, who is the younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes. The first movie starred Enola traveling to London to search for her lost mother and uncovering an assassination plot against a young viscount. The movie also starred Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham Carter as Sherlock Holmes and Eudoria Holmes respectively. Netflix has announced that a sequel to Enola Holmes will be released later this year. The Enola Holmes movies are based off a series of young adult novels by Nancy Springer.

Gale Force 9 has announced several board games based on various popular licenses in recent months. The publisher also announced Dune: Dawn of the Fremen, an area control game based on Dune, and Doctor Who: Nemesis, a game in which each player controls a different Doctor Who villain and attempts to be the first to control all of time and space. 

No release date or price has been announced for Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls.