EVO 2022 Dates Announced for Next Year's In-Person Event

With this year’s EVO event coming to a close soon, the event organizers have set the dates for [...]

With this year's EVO event coming to a close soon, the event organizers have set the dates for EVO 2022. Next year's event will take place from August 5th to August 7th, and unlike this year's event, it'll once again be an in-person gathering, an announcement that's good news for those who wanted to attend the event themselves and those who had reservations about this year's online tournament format.

Plans for next year's EVO competition were shared on social media on Saturday amid the matches of EVO 2021. The tweet below echoed sentiments shared by many EVO viewers and competitors by saying "nothing beats live, in-person tournaments between players from around the world" and confirmed that next year's EVO will be an in-person event.

A post on the EVO site said that this return to an in-person event "has been a long time coming." The organizers added that they're doing what they can to make this next EVO event the "biggest and best Evolution Championship Series yet."

"We cannot wait until August and will be doing all we can to make it the biggest and best Evolution Championship Series yet," the post on the EVO site said. "We've missed you, FGC. Let's make some noise for the moments we've come to remember and the history we continue to make together."

EVO 2020 was held online to adhere to COVID-19 precautions, and even though EVO 2021 was originally planned to be an in-person event, the organizers opted for another online event instead. An FAQ on the site for this year's EVO competition explained that the online decision was made again despite restrictions being lifted to ensure the health and safety of all those involved with the event.

"Evo is committed to the health and safety of our fighters and with that in mind, we are providing a virtual, online experience for all players to do what they do best: compete, take names and bust brackets," the FAQ for this year's event said.

Many companies planned for in-person events this year only to change their plans, so the EVO organizers aren't alone in this regard. If all goes well, however, we'll see EVO 2022 taking place in-person next August.