Far Cry 6 Pagan Min DLC Now Available

The Far Cry 6 Pagan Min DLC is finally available. Today, Ubisoft released the game's second bit DLC, ahead of the Joseph Seed DLC, but after releasing the Vaas DLC a couple of months ago. Apart of the game's Season Pass, the Pagan Min DLC males the antagonist from Far Cry 4 the playable character, just like the Vaas DLC made Vass the protagonist. And as you would expect, for the DLC, Troy Baker has returned to the booth to record new voice lines to accompany the rouge-like gameplay and plot centered around the dictator fighting his inner demons.

Unfortunately, there's no way to experience this DLC without owning the Season Pass, which costs $50. The DLC is not available for individual sale. It can only be bought with the Season Pass, which comes with the aforementioned Vaas DLC and the upcoming Joseph Seed DLC. The Season Pass also includes Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic Edition, which was released last month and is available as a standalone purchase.

Below, you can check out a launch trailer for the DLC that was released moments ago:

While Far Cry 6 has divided fans and critics alike, most seem to agree the Vaas DLC was higher in quality than the base game, though it remains to be seen if the same will be true with the Pagan Min DLC.

Far Cry 6 is available via Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the Ubisoft game, click here.

"The Far Cry series has always known how to keep players busy, and Far Cry 6 is no different," reads the opening of our review of the game. "Yara feels bigger than most open-world playgrounds and is filled with things to do, though unfortunately for completionists, many of those activities seldom feel rewarding enough to pursue. A superb villain made even more special considering Far Cry's prestigious roster of antagonists and plenty of turn-your-brain-off quests keep Far Cry 6 engaging, but it definitely feels as though the Far Cry formula has now been stretched thin."