Final Fantasy 14 Director Talks Possibility of Nintendo Switch 2 Version

Will the Final Fantasy game come to Nintendo's next system?

The successor to Nintendo Switch is set to be revealed sometime in the next nine months, and when it does happen, we can probably expect to see a lot of games announced that are too much for the current system to handle. Developers and publishers have been keeping a lid on their plans until that announcement happens, leaving many to speculate about the future. In particular, fans have been wondering about some of Square Enix's missing titles, including Final Fantasy XIV. In a new interview with Easy Allies, director Naoki "Yoshi-P" Yoshida was asked if we could see the game on a Nintendo platform in the future. 

"My dream, or goal, for more than ten years at this point is for players to be able to play Final Fantasy XIV regardless of device, and be able to access the servers to go in and access the same world," Yoshi-P replied through a translator. "And so, I bring up Phil Spencer as an example, but we've been talking for years to bring the game on the Xbox platform, and so of course we would love to have our title available on the Nintendo platform, and we do want to continue our efforts on it. But it did take a lot of time – with Xbox, we literally have talked for years, and it is now finally coming to fruition. We will try our best and continue to work hard at it and continue our efforts. Eventually, it would be cool – something that we would love to sort of explore and make a reality one day."

As Yoshi-P mentions his response, it took an incredibly long time for Microsoft and Square Enix to make Final Fantasy XIV a reality on Xbox. That response doesn't make it sound like Final Fantasy XIV will be happening on a Nintendo platform anytime in the immediate future, but at the very least, Yoshi-P sounds open to the possibility. There could be a lot of hurdles to clear, so Nintendo fans shouldn't expect to see it on the new console right off the bat. 

Square Enix's Multiplatform Strategy

Even if Final Fantasy XIV never ends up coming to Switch 2, there are plenty of other Square Enix games that we could see on the platform. Square Enix has released a lot of games on Nintendo's current system, including the Final Fantasy Pixel Remakes, Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion, and Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, but there are a lot missing as well, including Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XVI. With the publisher moving towards a multiplatform strategy, it's a safe bet we'll see at least some of those PS5 exclusives make the jump. 

Once Nintendo finally does reveal its new system, we can expect the floodgates to open, and a lot of publishers to announce a mix of new titles and ports of existing games. When it does happen, hopefully fans of Square Enix games will have plenty to be happy about! 

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