Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 News May Be Coming Soon

Square Enix may be planning on sharing some Final Fantasy VII Remake news next month regarding the second half of the remake. Comments made during a stream focused on the mobile game Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier suggested as much on Wednesday with director Tetsuya Nomura saying there would be Final Fantasy VII news coming to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original game. Specifics weren't offered on what that news might pertain to, but considering how Square Enix said earlier in the year that it'd have news on Final Fantasy VII to share, Part 2 of the remake seems like the safest bet.

Nomura's comments were shared in this stream with his promise of news since translated and shared online by people like Twitter user xenosaga7. It was not indicated when these announcements might be made by Square Enix, but considering how busy June is shaping up to be with different events and reveals planned from numerous publishers, Square Enix may end up setting a more specific date assuming it doesn't leave the news for a surprise during an event it participates in.

Given that this stream was focused on the Square Enix's mobile game which itself stems from Final Fantasy VII and that things like Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade exist, it's clear Square Enix has ambitions for this game beyond just the game itself, so it can't be said for sure if next month's reveals will talk about Part 2. However, that's the Final Fantasy announcement that people have been waiting for second only perhaps to a Final Fantasy XVI trailer, so again, it's a safe enough bet to assume we'll see more from Square Enix about Part 2 in June.

Square Enix is one of the publishers mentioned on the site for this year's Summer Game Fest, to give an idea of when and where their announcements might be shared. Last year, Square Enix held a presentation during the summer called Square Enix Presents where it talked about some of its upcoming projects, but it has not yet set a date for any such event planned for this year.