Fortnite Players Divided Over Newly Leaked Weapon for "Casuals"

Fortnite Chapter 3 players are divided over a newly leaked weapon that some players claim is designed for "casuals." Epic Games is constantly adding new items and weapons to the game to keep gameplay fresh and to continuously evolve the meta. That said, it looks like the next addition to the game, a pistol that deals out massive damage to builds, has leaked early, courtesy of HypeX, a prominent Fortnite dataminer and leaker who found evidence of the gun and accompanying information while digging through the files of a recent update.

"Epic [Games] are working on an interesting Rare weapon (possibly pistol type) that does a lot of damage to builds, it's still very unfinished because the clip size is still not decided," said HypeX.

According to HypeX, citing information in the game's files, the gun shoots one shot every two seconds, so it has a pretty slow rate of fire. To make up for this, it deals 75 damage and 113 on a headshot. Meanwhile, it deals build damage of 400. And it may be only viable when shooting at builds because its five-second-reload time could prove too large for most gunfights unless you're a highly accurate player and can the most with each shot. That said, depending on the clip size -- which we don't have information on -- its reload time may not actually be a concern. 

While it remains to be seen how viable this gun will be, assuming it's released, players are already divided. While there are naturally players excited about the leak, there are others who think this weapon will further mitigate building and reward more casual players. 

"Sounds like a casuals dream and a sweats nightmare," writes one player of the leak. "Im done with this game lmao too many items to compliment the bad player," reads another response


For now, take this leak with a grain of salt. While all of this information is indeed in the game's files, it doesn't change the fact that none of it is in the actual game yet, and when and if the gun does make it into the final game there could be changes to the stats above. 

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