Fortnite Player Flips out During "The End" Event in New Viral Video

Fortnite fans were in for a pretty unexpected surprise this Sunday when the game's Season 10 finale event ended up changing the game forever. The "The End" event culminated in the Battle Royale map - and every avatar in it or the game's lobby - being swallowed into a black hole. Anyone who has logged into the game in recent hours has been met with the static image of the black hole swirling, which has sparked reactions ranging from frustrated to genuinely angry. A video, which was initially posted by Twitter user @jasmine_velezz, has gone viral online in the hours since "The End" kicked off. The video shows a young kid reacting pretty viscerally to the black hole screensaver, going so far as to punch his television screen.

Given the ambiguity surrounding the "The End" event - and the hours of nothing that have followed - some fans will probably sympathize with this kid's extreme reaction. Those who were in the game (or watching via a live stream) on Sunday afternoon saw a rocket being launched into the sky, sending a meteor and smaller rockets crashing down onto the map. This ultimately culminated in a black hole literally swallowing up the map, as well as players inside the game or in its lobby. What ensued from there was a graphic of a black hole onscreen, which fans paid close attention to and were befuddled by in the hours that followed. The game's official social media account, as well as its presence on the streaming platform Twitch, were essentially wiped clean shortly after, making things even more ominous.

Many have assumed that the black hole is a way to conceal the game's several hours of downtime, as it prepares for the launch of Season 11. If recent rumors and leaks are any indication, there's a chance that the new season could spawn a completely new map or even a new "chapter" of the game, which would justify this significant amount of downtime. Unfortunately, a potential code leak seems to suggest that the downtime could last for days, which might spark a whole new range of angry reactions.

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