Fortnite Video Reveals What Happens When You Enter the Zero Point

With Fortnite's Season 5 now well underway, the map has once again been reworked to include new points of interest for players to traverse. At the center of that new map is the Zero Point the current season is named after, an orb floating high up in the sky that's become a relic of sorts in Fortnite and was a major factor in the Galactus event. It's a source of tremendous power and is quite mysterious on its own despite being so prominently presented in the map, so naturally, players have already done their best this season to go touch it.

Given how high up it is, your options when trying to reach the Zero Point in the center of the map are limited. One of the more resource-consuming methods is to build your way up to the orb from straight underneath it. To save players some time so that they don't have to experiment themselves to see what happens, we've thankfully already got videos below like the one from FortTory that shows what happens whenever a player enters the Zero Point.

The results are flashy, though not quite as dramatic as what we saw happening during the Galactus event. A brief animation shows players traveling in the Zero Point before being spit out again and then able to deploy their gliders. You can drop back into it again afterwards if you time your deploy quickly and fly backwards, but the result will be the same. Other videos shared online have showed players getting launched out of the Zero Point at different angles, so it may not always be possible to return to it once you've stepped in the first time.

The Zero Point at the center of the map was just one of many different changes made to the Fortnite map in Season 5. While patrolling that map for eliminations, players will of course have a ton of challenges to complete this season while working towards more battle pass skins like the ones for the most recognizable characters from The Mandalorian.


Fortnite Season 5 is now available across all supported platforms.