From Software: We’re Not Done With Armored Core Yet


We reported the other day that From Software was hosting a 20th anniversary party today for its Armored Core series, which it got its start with before working on deeper games like the Dark Souls saga and Bloodborne. However, we also noted that the company wasn’t expecting to reveal anything new from the series, instead focusing on the legacy that it created.

That said, though, that doesn’t mean we won’t see anything ever again in the series. In fact, From Software has made it clear that it’s note done with it just yet, despite other projects being in the works.

In a message posted on Twitter, the company noted, “Thank you for watching the Armored Core 20th Anniversary Music Special Broadcast! There is nothing we can announce now, but we don’t intend to end the AC series as it is, so we’d be happy if you could wait a little longer. Even going forward, thanks for supporting From Software!”

To kind of soften the blow a little bit, the company has noted that it will release a special Armored Core PlayStation 4 theme for fans to download, which could be available as soon as later this week.


Considering that the Dark Souls saga is pretty much finished off, that means From Software only has a handful of stuff it could announce down the road. What fans are really looking forward to, however, is a sequel to its hit PlayStation 4 game Bloodborne – and it may possibly be announced later this week at PlayStation Experience. (That’s not confirmed yet, though.)

In the meantime, you can check out the majority of From Software’s Armored Core games on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, including its latest release, Verdict Day.