Ghost of Tsushima's State of Play Event Showed Only Side Action and a Small Part of the Map

Sony’s recent State of Play event showed off an impressive look at the new Ghost of Tsushima game that’s coming to the PlayStation 4, but what was shown was apparently only a small slice of what’s to come and wasn’t even part of the main story. That’s according to Nate Fox, the game director at Sucker Punch Productions for Ghost of Tsushima, who spoke to IGN Nordic during an interview shared after the State of Play presentation. Only side action was shown in the State of Play presentation, and the map that players saw a snippet of was actually quite zoomed in, Fox said.

Fox shared some insights into multiple parts of Ghost of Tsushima, but the two details about the map and the action shown should speak to the scope of the game and its overall size. The gameplay shown above showed the protagonist, Jin, fighting Mongolians and taking over their camps, but Fox assured people that’s not all there is to it.

“What you saw in the presentation was some side action in the game. It was not part of one's particular story,” Fox said. “The map has Mongolians everywhere, and the main part will be Jin’s transformation from being a samurai to overtime becoming the Ghost. Next to that story you will meet people that try to survive in the world, with stories that will branch of off the main one. That is what the body of the game is made up off.”

At one point in the video, we got to see the map interface opened so that players could select a point they want to visit and be led there by the game’s “Guiding Winds” feature that offers a noninvasive way of guiding them towards their destination. As one might’ve expected from seeing the map, that wasn’t close to its entirety. There’s much more to be seen across Tsushima Island, and “the actual map is huge” with different biomes to visit, according to Fox.

“We want to give enough stuff to keep it electrifying for the player,” Fox said. “We didn’t want to make a huge map and have nothing on it. So it’s packed with people, items and stories to explore.”


Though it did include some familiar game elements like finding and dominating camps of enemies through at times through subterfuge – a gameplay sequence that drew comparisons to Assassin’s Creed games – the overall presentation seems to have impressed people with its details and the optional features included.

Ghost of Tsushima releases for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th.