GTA 5 for PS5: Here's Everything PlayStation Gamers Will Get

Rockstar Games is giving PS5, PS4, and PlayStation players free perks and goodies as part of GTA 5 [...]

Rockstar Games is giving PS5, PS4, and PlayStation players free perks and goodies as part of GTA 5 and GTA Online coming to PS5. The popular and current installment in the Grand Theft Auto series is coming to PS5 sometime next year, meaning the game will now be on three different generations of PlayStation platforms. Rockstar Games first shared the news at Sony's big PS5 reveal event this week, which included word of special perks for PlayStation players.

More specifically, Rockstar Games shared that for starters, all PlayStation Plus members on PS4 will be getting $1 million of in-game GTA$ every month all the way until GTA Online and GTA 5 hit PS5 in 2021. All PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 have to do is play the game at least once a month. When you play for the first time in any given month, it will trigger a deposit into your Maze Bank account within 72 hours of said session. In other words, it could take up to 72 hours each time for the money to actually deposit.

Rockstar Games didn't stop there though. It's also teamed up with PlayStation to give PS5 players a free standalone version of GTA Online. In other words, they won't need to buy the game on PS5 to enjoy GTA Online, which will be free-to-play on the platform. There are some catches though, PlayStation Plus membership is required and this offer will be only available for the first three months after release.

And this is where Rockstar Games stopped. No more freebies, and no word of Grand Theft Auto 6, which is reportedly still a few years off.

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At the moment of publishing, GTA 5 is the only Rockstar Games game announced for the PS5, but it's safe to assume Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online will follow. And of course, eventually GTA 6 as well. Further, there are also rumors of Bully 2 and a remake/remaster of Red Dead Redemption being in the works, but these are just rumors.

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