GTA Online Is Changing How PlayStation Plus Players Get Their Free Money

Rockstar Games committed last year to giving its GTA Online players who subscribe to PlayStation Plus a whopping $1 million in GTA$ each month until the PlayStation 5 version of the game releases. That offer is still being honored with PlayStation players continuing to get that money each month, but starting soon, the way that players redeem the offer is changing. Instead of having the money automatically deposited into players' accounts, GTA Online players will have to manually claim their money from the PlayStation Store.

The change in the monthly offer was announced recently by Rockstar Games who reminded players again of the change in the post detailing the game's latest update. This new method of obtaining your 1 million in GTA$ funds will be in effect starting on April 1st, Rockstar Games said.

"From that point forward, all you'll need to do to claim your money is visit the PlayStation Store at the start of each month and claim your GTA$1,000,000 directly," Rockstar Games said. "March 2021 will be the last month that your GTA$ benefit will be automatically deposited within 72 hours of your first play session of the month. PlayStation Plus will be required to claim the GTA$1,000,000 from the PlayStation Store each month and the GTA$ will be deposited into your account upon store redemption."

The new method of getting your PlayStation Plus bonus may sound like an inconvenience, but the change is intended to make things easier and quicker for GTA Online's PlayStation players. The way the system works now, players have to wait up to 72 hours after logging in for the first time each month to get their money deposited into their accounts. Under the new system, the deposit will be instantaneous after players go to the PlayStation Store to redeem the offer. It'll just be a matter of remembering to do it, but chances are if you've got $1 million in GTA$ waiting for you, you likely won't forget.


GTA Online's new method of claiming the monthly PlayStation Plus bonus will go into effect on April 1st.